All our lives it seems everyone is telling us what to do. At home, at work, our friends and even people we don’t even know. But how are we to know which voice to listen to? How do we know which path is leading us toward our dream?  Following your heart is a very difficult path to take. When Abraham heard God’s voice telling him to pack up and go to a land that he never had heard of before he didn’t hesitate. He went home, packed up his family and all that he had, and believed in his heart that he was on the right path.  If you follow your heart you might lose things that are close to you. you may encounter incredible hardships; challenges may arise that you were not expecting. 

Following your Heart may seem like a simple statement, but because we do not like the unknown because change may seem enormous we may find it difficult and want to stop and listen to those voices from our friends and family that are telling us to take the quiet path, to stay on the familiar road, to lean on them instead of leaning on your strengths, your wisdom and your inner voices, God.  Thinking with our heads along with our hearts is very important. Our brain is made up of knowledge, facts, and past experiences. But you must remember that there is a big difference between the facts and experiences we have and the wisdom that is needed to make decisions.  

 It is a blend of both emotion (Heart Wisdom) and logic (Brain Wisdom)    

  • Your Heart is the home of your intuition.  When you feel like something is wrong is usually is. 
  • Your Heart is familiar with the language of Love.  
  • The Heart Feels Empathy by understanding how others around you are experiencing the world around them.
  • Your heart is the Center of all Your Emotions.  


The Bible is full of Stories of Individuals that struggled with this concept just like you and I struggle daily to do the right thing, follow in the right direction.  I urge you to open that book up, pick a person, Abraham; David; Soloman; John; Mary; Elizabeth; Deborah or Jesus and read about their lives, their struggles, and how they followed their heart so You can step out into your true future.  


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