This was an awesome craft experience. I took Two Cardboard Trees that I found at Goodwill and made them into two beautiful Christmas Trees that sparkle and Shine.    

What You Will Need: 

  • A Cone Shaped Tree Either Cardboard or Styrofoam for the base of the tree 
  • Some Strings of Beads Any Color You Like Paint to Paint the Cone First, Which I did not do – But after I wish I had painted instead of putting These Decorative Tullie Sheets instead. They did not cover or show decorations after Tree was complete. 
  • White Paint would have been a better background. But you can choose what you like for your tree.  
  • A Glue Gun and some Glue Sticks 
  • I Used a Metal Cookie Sheet to for my Work surface so My table didn’t get hot Glue all over, I tend to be messy.
  •  A Tree Top Ornament and a Bow – Or any kind of decoration that you believe would make Your tree Sparkle.   

The first method I used was to Measure the string of beads to the top and bottom of my cardboard base. Then Cut the String and Hot Glue each one next to the other. As you can see after many have been glued on it became harder to get them straight as the top of the tree base was smaller than the bottom. So, towards the end, I had to piece in beads along the bottom half of the tree.         

The Second Tree I Started and the Bottom and Wound the String of beads around and around using Hot Glue to hold the Beads in Place. This method worked much better than the first one although both trees looked amazing when done.    Make this Tree Your Own. YOU CAN DO IT!   

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