Sticks Sticks and More Sticks 

What can You do with a Bunch of Sticks? You are going to love this one. It Doesn't Cost Much, and anyone can do it. Kids, Adults, and Seniors, and it can be a fun family activity.   Items you might need for this Project:  *Optional  

Sticks Place to Wash Sticks (Plastic Bucket, Sink) 

1 Tsp Bleach 

 Paper Towel 

Brown Paper Bag  


 A Place to keep your sticks upright to dry (Styrofoam shape works well) 

Paint brushes   Glue (I used Elmer’s Clear Glue, but you can use any kind you like) 

 *Paint – Any Color  


*Mesh Fabric  



Or any other thing you can find around the house to decorate your stick – Use your imagination 

 Go outside and collect some sticks. Look for dead branches on a tree or gather around the neighborhood looking for twigs along the ground. Enjoy the walk. While you are out walking look for different kinds of birds, animals or even different types of cars, different colors of houses…But don't forget to bring along a bag to collect some sticks along the way.  

 This can be a messy project (At least for me it was) so don’t forget to get out an apron, paper towels, some wipes to keep your hands clean, or to clean up any glue, paint, or glitter that may get on them or the surrounding area. 

 After you get back home you are going to want to scrub your sticks. Fill your sink or a plastic pan with water and 1 teaspoon of bleach. You may want to wear some rubber gloves for this part as it can be icky to scrub off dirt or anything else that may be growing on your stick. Also, you have added a little bleach to your water.    

Now to the hardest part of this craft. Waiting. Lay out your sticks on a paper towel or a brown paper bag. You will have to let them dry for at least 24 hours. This was hard for me. I kept going back and checking on them.  

 Next, I found a green Styrofoam square to stick my sticks in while I painted them, and a place for them to dry. (Waiting again….UGG) 

 I found some Paint (I used acrylic Paint) glitter, and some mesh fabric to use on the sticks while I waited for them to dry. I also found some beads that I choose not to use, but actually, you can add any kind of ornament onto your stick. Use your imagination.  

So, I first painted all the sticks white, to give them a base color than on some I added glue and glitter while on others I added the mesh fabric. Then there was the waiting again. YIKES   

Now, I have a bouquet of Sticks I can use in a vase by themselves or add to existing flower arrangements that I have out already or make a new one with a little imagination of my own.  You can check out my Pinterest board where you will find more ideas for sticks here: Pinterest  

 Personal Use Only for Contents of this Booklet– You may sell your finished Products. We Love to see Pictures.  

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