What can I do With a Plastic Pumpkin

Did you ever want to work in your craft room, but could not decide what craft to make? Well, I have been there many times. So, I am going to try to end this cycle right here and now. Starting today I am going to choose one Pinterest Crafting DIY a Week and craft away. So, first of all, I have to go to my Pinterest Page: Pinterest Where you can see that I have a treasure of crafting pages.

 Now to the next step and probably the hardest one, deciding what to make.    Well, since it will be Halloween in a few weeks I have decided to go to my board, Halloween. You can go there with me just click on Pinterest, and then click on saved and all the boards I have will pop up. Now do not get distracted like me, just scroll down until you see “Halloween”, Click on That Board, and all the amazing crafting pins will pop up. Now, what to choose?   

I wanted to pick something that was not too hard for the first Pinterest Project and because Halloween is such a fun time of year to get the family together and work on a holiday project, I chose a special Glowing Plastic Jack-O-Lantern Project. However, I did simplify this project a little bit.       

   I had a few plastic pumpkins just waiting, sitting in the basement for the last few years, and so I took them all upstairs into the Craft Room. If you do not have any old plastic pumpkins just sitting around, you can find them for around $1.00 at Walmart or Target.        

Materials Needed: 

3-4 Plastic pumpkin buckets 

A witches Hat or any Halloween Hat will do 

1 String of Lights (I used A String of Christmas Lights)  Something to cut a Hole in the bottom of the top Pumpkins (to String the Lights through to the bottom. 

A Rock to place in the Bottom Pumpkin so it will not tip over. Hot Glue Gun Hot Glue Sticks   

Wash your Plastic Pumpkin out especially if it has been sitting around for a couple of years like mine…. Let dry and then begin. 

Begin by cutting a hole in the bottom of all the pumpkins except the one you are going to use as the base. Cut the whole in the back of this pumpkin for the light cord to go out. Also, cut off all the handles, they just seem to get in the way. 

Place a rock or a solid object in the bottom pumpkin. I hot glued the Rock in Place just in case because you never know what is going to happen. 

 Please Please do not rearrange the next couple of steps. String the Lights and Then Glue the Plastic Pumpkins together. If you glue them first you will be like me and must call your husband or a loving friend to fish the string of lights with a bent coat hanger, holding them upside down over their head. And believe me, it is a sight to see. LOL 

Add the String of lights, starting with putting the plug coming out of the pumpkin you are going to use as the bottom. (You have hot-glued a rock into the bottom of this one) …. then string the lights through all the other pumpkins through the bottom whole until you have lights in all the pumpkins 

Hot glue the pumpkins on top of each other starting at the bottom.  Hot glue on the Hat. Plug it in and watch it glow. 

 Just remember to turn Pumpkin off if you are not going to be home, or at bedtime. Take a picture and send it to me, I would love to see all your stacked pumpkins. 

 Come back next week for another Pinterest Project.  

You will be able to download ALL Crafting Instructions for this and future Projects.  Just look at Under Craft Downloads.

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