• It's Time to Start A New Adventure

    It is so Important to Embrace Every Day as an Opportunity to Learn Something New.
  • Good Morning World

    The following is a page out of the life of my Wonderful Grandson. He has been through a horrific ordeal and is now living a life none of us would ever imagine for someone with such great potential, someone so smart, so loving, someone you watched grown-up, that you laughed with, someone you cried with, would have to go through. Take a moment and read, take a moment and reflect on your own life, on all those you love and hold dear to you and remember that in one second, in one decision their life, and your life can and will be changed forever.
  • Are you Listening to Your Heart?

    All our lives it seems everyone is telling us what to do. At home, at work, our friends and even people we don’t even know. But how are we to know which voice to listen to? How do we know which path is leading us toward our dream? Following your heart is a very difficult path to take.

    Camping Season is Here. It is so much fun to sit around the fire roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. And here is a fun way to get everyone ready for those cozy fires. Make a head fire starters......................
  • Follow Your Dream